Anna Bryson for State Assembly 2014

California was once the envy of the world and a place where dreams came true boasting the finest schools, the smartest business leaders, and forward-thinking political leaders.  Sadly, that is a California of history books and not the California of today.

Anna Bryson for State Assembly - California 73rd Assembly DistrictThe fact is most Sacramento politicians have been unwilling to make the tough decisions necessary to turn our state around.  Rather than stand up to special interest groups and reform budgets and spending, politicians keep kicking the can down the road.  The result is failing public schools, businesses fleeing the state to friendlier tax and regulatory policies, and a larger dependency on government – and government jobs.
Sacramento keeps spending more – and taxing us more – but isn’t reforming the way we budget and spend the money.  That must change.
Having spent years as a small businesswoman, and now serving as a trustee on the Capistrano Unified School District -- the best performing large school district in the state – I know how to solve problems.  When I was first elected, the district was facing massive budget deficits and a “go along to get along” administration.  I played a leading role in the often-painful process of balancing the budget while increasing academic excellence.  But we were successful.
I want to do the same thing in Sacramento, and I am asking for your help.  Together we can change the future for our children.  I invite you to become a part of Team Bryson!

Anna Bryson